Deep Fried Diaries

The insider's scoop on food, travel & southern culture



Hey there! We’re Simoneink. We’re glad you could stop by!

Welcome to the Deep Fried Diaries—the insiders’ scoop on food, travel and southern culture.

Who we are: a quirky group of food & travel lovers, who couldn’t imagine doing anything else. We’re a media relations & marketing agency, serving restaurants, chefshotelsspirits, and locavores spanning across state lines below the Mason Dixon. Our clients are simply ‘the greatest’—and by the greatest, we mean they’re truly passionate and authentic in their approach… we refuse to work with anyone who isn’t!

What is the Deep Fried Diaries? It’s a blog. A diary. A dialogue. It’s inspirational and insightful news about our culinary and hospitality industry. This is a celebration of our clients’ creativity and individuality. We express ourselves freely and share with you everything we love. So roam around and stay awhile!

M&MContributors: We’re Meg & Meaghan: Simoneink’s M&M go-to girls, who bring enthusiasm, truth and tradition to every part of our day. We’re a couple of 20-somethings with big appetites, crazy ideas and our plates piled just about as high as a rich southern pie. And we can’t forget about Tania—Simoneink’s rock of 12 years—who keeps us all in check with her editorial eye, her whimsical words and her artistry.  We’ll share it all with you as soon as it comes to us, but feel free to ask us anything or give us your ideas!

Now it’s time for you to meet our fearless leader, Simone.

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