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SIMONE SEZ: Military Spouses Support Hillary Clinton

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[Washington DC] – A diverse group of military spouses joins together in a new video to support Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and sound off on their distrust of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. In this new video, these six women–all of whom have seen their spouses go to war–explain why we need a commander in chief with an even temperament and a sense of humility. Because their spouses are precious to them, these six women want to know that the president will be responsible in the use of military force. They believe Hillary Clinton will be such a commander.Military service is built on a foundation of trust. And families must be able to believe that the commander in chief understands the sacrifice they are asked to undertake.

In this video, five military wives and one widow outline how this trust is central to their vote in the upcoming presidential election. They explain that Secretary Hillary Clinton has earned their faith, while Donald Trump has not.


Listed Below are the Six Women Featured in the Video:

Samar Brown was born in Cairo, Egypt, and is a U.S. Citizen and Muslim. Her husband served in the Marine Corps for 19 years.

Bettina Callaway is a military widow. Her husband was an Air Force F-16 fighter pilot.

Kia Thomas Hamel was one of the first women to serve aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, and her husband is an officer aboard a Navy ship currently stationed in Norfolk, VA.

Pat Ochan was born in Uganda, is a U.S. citizen and has a MS in Cybersecurity Policy. Her husband is a Marine and participated in Operation’s Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Michelle Tabarrok is an attorney. Her husband is in the Air Force, served in numerous combat operations and was a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York.

Amie Ylda is a retired federal government manager. Her husband is a retired USAF officer who served in Operation Provide Comfort, Stability Force/SFOR and Operation Allied Force.

For more information:
Simone Rathlé | 703.534.8100
president | simoneink, llc

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