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A new series by Simoneink: Food for Thought

Culinary savants amuse the mind, whet the appetite and stimulate the senses
Food for Thought - simoneink
Whether you’re a gourmand who prefers to get inspiration via culinary magazines or a foodie of the digital persuasion who likes their news à la Instagram, we all have one thing in common: a good love of good food. In this new simoneink series, we aim to slow things down, sharpen our lens and zero our focus on those little morsels and nuggets of news we find so delicious—from the alchemy of edible metals, to dissecting the perfect burger, the art of fermentation, barrel-aging, firewood grilling, utilizing honey, vegetable & herb cocktails and much, much, more.

Stay tuned for more in our Food for Thought series, coming monthly, and join the conversation on social media with #Food4Thought!

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