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Valentine’s Day desserts around DC

Aside from the “true love” and “kisses,” the sweetest part of Valentine’s Day is definitely the blissfully delicious desserts. That’s why we decided to do a little V-day roundup of DC’s most delectable sweets. Whether you’re a fan of cream, fruit, or heavenly chocolate, I think we’ll be able to find you something on the menu. And all you single ladies, stay with me! We just may have something up our sleeve for everybody:


Raspberry Vacherin at Marcel’s

Plume at The Jefferson, DC 
While millions of roses are being delivered around the world, you might also find some on your dessert plate. Those who choose to top off a romantic evening at Plume will enjoy the Heart of Saint Valentine, a dessert comprised of heart shaped Vanilla Mousse with juicy Cherry Compote and fresh Rose Water Emulsion. Sounds fancy, huh?

To top off the season’s finest seafood, PassionFish kicks off their dessert round with some complimentary chocolates. Star-crossed diners can then choose between the likes of Caramel Crème Brûlée (with Almond Biscotti), chocolatey Mousse Praline Crunch (with Vanilla-Bean Anglaise and Burnt Orange Caramel), or Max Tyson Honey Apple Crisp (with Black Pepper Ice Cream). Black Pepper Ice Cream… probably not one of Baskin Robin’s 31 flavors.

At chef Robert Wiedmaier’s haute-French flagship, Marcel’s, the tasting menu’s fifth and final course again presents us with a choice. Will it be the Valrhona Chocolate Mousse with Spicy Maya Cremeaux, Strawberry Coulis? Or the ever so delicate and tantalizing Raspberry Vacherin with Vanilla Gelato and Raspberry Thyme Coulis? Either way, you might want to make sure you’re familiar with the French term “coulis” before you go.

DC Coast
For those who are haunted by indecision, DC Coast keeps it simple but definitely not plain with a rich Mascarpone Cheesecake. The dessert is served with a delectable Chocolate Shortbread Crust, Strawberry Coulis and sumptuous Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

Red Cake-wiches

Red Cake-wiches at Bayou Bakery

Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery
Whoopee for all the single ladies! (And men.) You can come put your hands up for this come-back dessert by chef David Guas. His Red Cake-wiches are the perfect bite of sweet for every single gal or guy on the go. Relish in your freedom and the flavors of these intensely rich Red Velvet Cakes sandwiching a Whipped Cream Cheese Filling. And you never know, you might just meet another single guy or gal worth sharing for… Actually naw, probably not.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the love.

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