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Breast cancer awareness shouldn’t end with October

Happy Halloween folks!

537195_565464140173631_235458651_nThe Simoneink gang has fully embraced the Halloween spirit! Thought you all might want to see a picture of our shoes from last night’s Chefs for Equality event. It was spectacular (as always). This year’s cakes might have even topped last year’s (see previous post). More pictures to come from last night’s event, I promise!

While most people associate October with ghosts, goblins and trick-or-treating, a very different cause has come to be associated with the month, and that’s Breast Cancer Awareness. The “Think Pink” campaign has spread like wildfire and has been adopted by a host of national partners (NFL players have been sporting their pink!), which has helped spread messages of prevention and support to millions. My mother was a breast cancer survivor, as were a few of my friends, so the disease hits close to home for me.

While the month of October brings a great amount of awareness, the reality is that women are diagnosed with breast cancer year round—a diagnosis that often leaves them feeling scared and disoriented. At least that’s how my friend Melanie Young described it.

Getting-Things-Off-My-Chest-2x3As a professional of the wine & food industry and a passionate traveler, Melanie took an unexpected detour in 2009 to a place she calls “Cancer Land.” After a double mastectomy with reconstruction and five month of chemotherapy (followed by a host of other operations), Melanie has conquered the disease and is now dedicated to helping others through their own battles. Her book, Getting Things Off My Chest, is a guidebook for women who have just been diagnosed. Melanie leads them through treatment options, insurance decisions, emotional support, and changes for a healthy lifestyle—all from someone who’s been through it all.

Breast cancer is ugly, but it’s beatable. And the best defense is a good offense! That’s why monthly self-exams and yearly clinical exams are so important. Just a reminder to empower the women in your own life to take control of their health, and let’s extend the awareness and enthusiasm year-round!

Have a wonderful Halloween 🙂


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