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Passport Tasting Series kicks off at Ceiba

Grab your passport (and a fork!)
Ceiba launches a year of Latin American dining, one country at a time

_MG_92655c20c7No astronomical airfares; no customs lines; and no vaccines or visas necessary – just a mock passport and a spirit of culinary adventure are all it takes.  Enjoy the same fruitful journey that the Passion Food Hospitality owners experienced prior to opening Ceiba, letting your palate explore the customary flavors and ingredients of these exotic Latin countries by the hand of chef Matthew Britt.

For an entire year, starting in September during Hispanic Heritage Month, and running through August 2014, the vivacious downtown Washington restaurant will feature the cuisine of a different region of Latin persuasion, each month of its culturally rich Passport Tasting Series.  Offered Thursday through Saturday for $55 per person [$75 with alcohol pairings,] the monthly four-course menus promise a flavorful tour of the global zones that inspire Ceiba’s cuisine.

Here are the travel details: each time diners partake in a month’s tasting menu, they’ll receive a stamp in their “passports.”  At the end of the year-long program, those who have experienced at least nine dinners in the series will be invited to an exclusive party in their honor at the restaurant – with a selection of special prizes.

Ceiba_Dining_RoomDiscover artisan practices and seasonal traditions in dishes brimming with some of the world’s best ingredients. It is easier than ever to enjoy Peru this September, with courses beginning with a Ceviche Mixto amuse bouche, followed by a choice of Roasted Succulent Sea Scallops or lean and flavorful Grilled Beef Heart, Mushroom Stuffed with Freshwater Rainbow Trout, and Pan Seared Crispy Skin Quail, and then a sweet finale of cinnamon infused Arroz con Leche [Rice Pudding,] all paired, if you like, with fine Peruvian wines and classic Piscos.

Take a quick road trip before “traveling,” and preview Ceiba’s following month’s menu with a cocktail party from 6pm until 8pm, on the last Tuesday of each month for $10 per person.  The initial gathering will be held on Tuesday, August 27, previewing the Peruvian menu with authentic bites and happy hour drink specials.  Following Peru, comes a preview party launching the Chilean menu on Tuesday, September 24 – and so on.   The itinerary is as follows, so set your travel plans for a fun night out and join us at Ceiba to embark on a colorful Latin tour:

  • September: Peru
  • October: Chile
  • November: The Caribbean
  • December: Spain
  • January: Ecuador
  • February: Brazil (Carnivale!)
  • March: Bolivia
  • April: Venezula
  • May: Mexico (Cinco de Mayo!)
  • June: Argentina
  • July: Colombia
  • August: Central America

Ceiba | 701 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20005 | 202-393-3983 | Website |
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