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SIMONE SEZ: Our Fair Lady — Meg’s gettin’ hitched!

Me with my M&M girls, Meaghan (left) and Meg (middle), the bride-to-be!

Me with my M&M girls, Meaghan (left) and Meg (middle), the bride-to-be!

Wouldn’t you know it, our little Meg is getting married this weekend!

The start of her celebration was when she walked out of our office doors at 10:30 Tuesday night and turned off her computer. There was one last panicked phone call to JT [her fiancé] that he needed to run to Target and pick up another suitcase before they closed. The next morning, Meg was Cleveland-bound and off to relish in the steps leading up to the most unforgettable day in this girl’s life!

The Simoneink office is feeling a little empty at the moment… But not to worry, Meaghan and I will be Ohio-bound tomorrow afternoon! We can’t wait to see the porcelain-skinned Meg walk down the aisle in all her glory.  JT, we’ll be happy to see you, too.

Neither Meaghan nor I have been to Cleveland, so we plan to make a weekend of it. My two sons, Kemp and Spencer, will be part of the crew, so the car is packed with movies, wholesome treats, and iPads (to research Cleveland, of course!). We’re excited to explore the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and see what chef Michael Symon’s restaurants are all about (we’re eating at Lola Friday night). Wedding, Music and Food is the theme of our trip, and all in that order.

Awkward gigglesWe asked Meg a couple questions before she left — we wanted to make sure we hit the high points this weekend. We also wanted to give everyone a little preview to the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. John Tyler “JT” Malloy! Meg answers:

Q. What should your out-of-town guests know about Cleveland as they plan their time? That Cleveland rocks! (Just kidding.) I’m really looking forward to sharing our home turf with our friends. There are some serious misconceptions about Cleveland (some of which may be true!) that we are hoping to debunk. Mainly, we want people to have fun, eat good food, and to see the cool quirks and offbeat charm that we adore about Cleveland — from its funky artist havens to leafy suburbs and historic industrial grit. That’s more than one thing, but they’re things that Clevelanders love…especially since we can’t count on the Browns.

Q. You’ve spent the last several months planning your wedding, what features are you most excited about? Try 14 months! We tried to add a lot of personal touches and detail into the wedding — especially the reception since that’s all about having fun and celebrating. I’m looking forward to seeing how our signature drinks go over during the cocktail hour, my uncle’s drum solo (yep, that’s happening!), the cigar bar for the gents, and all of the decor and flowers that took months of planning. Most of all I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and being surrounded by my closest friends and family — and dancing, of course!

IMG]Q. Your venue looks beautiful. Why did you pick the Shoreby Club? We wanted an al fresco vibe, so we were set on having a tented reception to have that outdoor atmosphere. The Shoreby Club was ideal because of its lake front location which made a great backdrop; and the actual building is lovely and historically significant to Cleveland — it was once the summer home of Samuel Mather, a shipping magnate from the late 1800s, and it was designed by one of my dad’s favorite architects, Charles Schweinfurth.

Q. What can we be expecting to eat? Give us a brief food preview of your own wedding! Guests will have a seated dinner with their choice of Salmon with a Dijon Sauce and Wild Rice, Filet Mignon with Potatoes Gratin, or Vegetarian Gnocchi… and a delicious cake at the end from the team at White Flower Cake! As for chow around Cleveland, there’s is not a single menu in the city that doesn’t feature pork belly (a recommended choice).

Q. If there’s one person at this wedding we have to make sure we meet, who would it be? Other than my parents (who you must meet!) I would love for you two to meet my free-spirited, globetrotting, cousin Ashley Mulligan, who is a very talented chef and one of the reasons I’ve been so interested in food! She has been traveling the world for the past several years, so it’s such a treat to have her at our wedding. If you’re curious, you can check out her blog!

Q. What is it about JT that makes him your better half? Besides all of the initial reasons that I was drawn to him (his dashing good looks, charming personality and wit) he has a lot of qualities that make up for my shortcomings: he’s calm when I’m neurotic, patient when I’m rushed, rationale when I start to get carried away — so really it’s that he really balances me and makes me a better person. And that’s why he’s my better half!

Congratulations Meg. As Heaven sent you to JT, we’re happy that Heaven also sent you to us!
“Meg’s Getting Married in the Evening, Ding Dong the Bells are Going to Chime!”

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