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Chef David Guas returns to Today Show

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In case you missed it live, chef David Guas of Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery graced the Today Show with his presence last week and took everyone back to the basics with The Perfect Burger. David guided Al Roker and Willie Geist through the preparation of his “Fat Daddy Burger,” answering everything from: How should I season my patties? How many times do I flip? How do I know when they’re done?

photo_5To give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse: David took the “research” & recipe development quite seriously to be sure he had the perfect blend of meat. You can see him [pictured right] prepping at home (although we’ll leave the grilling to another segment!).  All of us here at Simoneink were the designated taste-testers… A rough job, but someone’s got to do it.  He finally settled on half sirloin, half brisket as the combination that delivers just the right amount of fat and flavor.

To access David’s Fat Daddy Burger recipe, click here (and scroll down). Below, we’ve also included the recipes for his Homemade Ketchup & Mustard, which he developed for last week’s cooking segment. David used his own ketchup and mustard during the Today Show demo, and now he breaks it down, showing us how to make each one from scratch!

Not a beef-lover? He also put together a recipe for you poultry fans: Da Jive Turkey Burger (which can be accessed via the same link). If you’re not sure how to dress your turkey burgers, we’ve also added David’s suggestions below. Spicy Olive Tapenade sound good to anyone?

DG and Hosts


Homemade Yellow Mustard

1 cup                      Dry ground yellow mustard seed powder
1 cup                      Water
.66 cup                  Distilled white vinegar
2 teaspoons          All purpose flour
1 tablespoon         Kosher salt
.5 teaspoon           Turmeric
.5 teaspoon          Garlic powder


Whisk together all of the ingredients in a small sauce pot until smoothly combined. The mixture will be quite wet looking at this stage. Bring it to a boil over medium -high heat. Boil for 7 – 8 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and let the mustard cool for 5 minutes. The mustard will thicken slightly during this time. Keep in mind the mustard will continue to thicken over the next 24 hours or even a couple of days.

Homemade Ketchup

2 each                     6-ounce cans tomato paste
.5 cup                      Distilled white vinegar
4 tablespoons        Brown sugar
1 tablespoon          Garlic powder
1 tablespoon          Onion powder
.25 teaspoon          Allspice
1 teaspoon              Salt
1 teaspoon              Molasses
1 teaspoon              Honey
2.5 cups                  Water

Place everything in a sauce pot and on a medium heat bring to a gentle simmer and cook for 1.5 to 2 hours. Pour into jam jars and seal.  Keep at room temperature until the jars cool down, then store in the refrigerator.

Topping Suggestions for Turkey Burgers

Caramelized Onions

1 medium               Sweet Vidalia Onion, halved and then sliced into half rings
3 tablespoons        Cooking Oil or Butter
1 pinch                    Salt
1 pinch                    Black Pepper [optional]
1 pinch                    Sugar [optional]

Slice Sweet Vidalia onion in half and then into half rings. Place a large skillet or saucepan on medium-high and add oil or butter. When oil or butter begins to ripple, add onions. Add pinch of salt. Continue to stir and cook until onions are a golden brown color.

Slice [2] 1/8 inch slices of cheese and place on the cooked burger. Add a tablespoon of caramelized onions and 2 slices of toasted rolls to complete the burger.

Spicy Olive Tapenade

.33 cup                 Spicy Olive Tapenade [can be found in salad section of local grocery]
.25 cup                 Mayonnaise [Duke’s preferably]

Mix ingredients until blended evenly and spread on the toasted bun.

Toasted Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls

1, 8 pack          Martins Sandwich Potato Rolls
.25 cup            Melted Butter

Heat flattop until very hot. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Lather the inside of the top and bottom of the bun with the melted butter and place on flattop until it browns, approximately 30-45 seconds.

Suggested Additional Toppings

  • Grilled or Roasted Portobello Mushrooms
  • Feta Cheese or Goat Cheese
  • Grilled Sweet Onions
  • Fresh Raw Baby Spinach
  • Sliced Fresh Tomatoes

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