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SIMONE SEZ: Boys Blog, London Town

My boys, Kemp (10) & Spencer (8), at Buckingham Palace

My boys, Kemp (10) & Spencer (8), in front of Buckingham Palace

So to put a cap on this London trip of ours, I want to do one final blog… and this time with the boys. This was their first overseas experience—Kemp (10) & Spencer (8)—and I thought it might be fun to get their perspective on it all.

I wanted the boys to talk to an objective party, so I asked one of my Simoneink girls to interview them about their experience. Q&A are below; she typed up the quotes word-for-word:

Q:  So this was your first overseas experience! What did you guys think of London? What struck you as odd right off the bat?

Boys: A lot of things were different! The main thing we noticed: there wasn’t very many door knobs. You either have to knock or ring a “ding bell,” and then someone would have to push a buzzer from the inside to let you in. And the cars—the cars are all different because of the side they drive on. I jumped into what I thought was the passenger side, and I was sitting behind the wheel! I jumped out quickly though.

Q:  Did you boys pick up any new words while you were there? Use them in a sentence for me.

  • Wicked. “Whoa, thanks Mom! That toy is so wicked!”
  • Bloody. “James Bond, get in the bloody car.”

Q:  I heard you boys did all sorts of fun things, like riding the London Eye, visiting Buckingham Palace, boating down the Thames, attending tea parties, etc. What was your absolute favorite thing?

Boys: Our absolute favorite thing was the House of Cavalry. The cavalry is a thing that’s been around for a long time. I like to learn about different cultures of war and how they fought.

The best part was they had a station where you could put on the battle armor they wore from the different eras—that was our favorite. We even got to try on the camouflage they used in battle.

Kemp trying on armor at the House of Cavalry

Kemp trying on armor at the House of Cavalry

Q:  You boys got to see some relatives you hadn’t seen in a long time. What did you do with your cousins while you were in London?

Boys: We went to Kensington Palace Park, and we played fútbol—that’s what they call soccer there. We also went on a high-speed boat tour around London. We went so fast and got soaked!

Happy cousins all together!

Happy cousins all together!

Q:  Now let’s talk about food. Can you tell me about some of the food you ate over there?

Boys: Well, in Scotland we ate Hagus. Would you like to know what that is? It’s lamb intestines stuffed inside the stomach! Tastes like a hamburger—wasn’t dry, but barely juicy. We actually liked it. We also ate blood sausage.

At one point while we were in London, we ate fish & chips for three days straight. I like mine with vinegar. Spencer fell in love; he even wrote a song about fish & chips.

Spencer, loving his fish & chips

Spencer, loving his fish & chips

Maybe we’ll save the song for another post…

Q:  Last question, do you think it’s important for kids like you to see other countries? Why or why not?

Boys: Yes, because learning about different cultures is very important. It’s good for school, too, because you can share with your teachers everything that you learned and saw. It’s just good to learn about people who are different from you, I’m glad we went.

Thanks boys, sounds like it was bloody awesome.

photo (3)

After we got back from London, I shipped the boys off to their grandparents (Abuelo & Grammy) for a couple weeks down in Ocala, Florida, and it sounds like they’ve been busy.

Abuelo (pictured right) runs a tight ship; he says no fun & games allowed. He told me he wakes up the boys each morning at the crack of dawn, and puts them to work. (Ha, I don’t believe him for a second!)

The truth is, the boys are getting the royal treatment down at their grandparents. They’ve all spent the past couple days at New Smyrna Beach (just south of Daytona) playing in the sand and sun. From the looks of their pictures, they’re having fun catching critters and doing all that fun stuff boys do. Grandparents are always a blast, I’m worried they won’t want to come home!

I’m Simone. And this is what simone sez…

Snapshots from Abuelo & Grammy's

Snapshots from Abuelo & Grammy’s

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