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SIMONE SEZ: In the name of Seersucker

Well, now I’ve just about heard everything.  Apparently, some state senator over in Missouri wants to ban seersucker. About near blasphemy to a Louisianan and to our other neighboring Southern states.

Seersucker suit (photo from Fashion Update)

Seersucker suit (photo from Fashion Update)

In case you northern folk aren’t familiar with seersucker, it’s a woven cotton fabric—most commonly with alternating blue and white stripes—that’s light and breathable.

Seersucker has long been consider a mainstay of the summer wardrobe in the South. More recently, it has been adopted by the preppy college crowds and apparently by a few members of the Missouri State Senate.

State Sen. Ryan McKenna (D-Jefferson County), however, is not one of them. The senator proposed an amendment to one of Missouri’s higher education bills, which said:

“Any person living in the state aged 8 and under may wear seersucker suits at their leisure. Any person over the age of 8 living in this state may not wear seersucker suits because adults look ridiculous in seersucker suits, with the exception of Koolaid.”

Yes, that was the actual proposed amendment, which was directed at other members of the senate who have taken to wearing seersucker suits (and at times even coordinating with each other). McKenna was quoted as saying, “I will not be bullied by the seersucker caucus.”

Fortunately, it looks like the amendment will not be approved. The poor misguided lawmaker had the sense to withdraw his silly amendment proposal before it made it to the floor. (They draft them by hand in Missouri. That, at least, has the kind of old-school charm I can get behind!) I feel bad for this poor guy, as he must be feeling outnumbered by his colleagues keeping cool in their seersuckers, like sensible folk in the South have been doing forever. Tsk, tsk. Just sounds like someone was having a bad day.

Inspiration for the staff's summer uniforms, by Lisa Iacono

Inspiration for the staff’s summer uniforms, by Lisa Iacono

Down in New Orleans, seersucker is much awaited and rejoiced, as it springs out of closets after Easter each year.  At International House—that bastion of stylish hospitality—the hotel staff will don their all-new, sporting grey and white seersucker jackets throughout the spring and summer months.

Local designer Lisa Iacono was responsible for the 2013 summer uniform, giving it an edge of bomber-styling with elements of motorcycle-chic. As always, it’s meant to be worn open, for increased ventilation and versatility. That’s how we do it in the South, and I’m glad some of our friends up the Mississippi River have adopted a little sense.


My little Southern gentlemen

There is one point on which I can agree with McKenna, despite the rest of his crazed logic. At least he concedes that children look adorable in seersucker… something we can all agree on. (I mean, just look at my youngest there donning his Southern best!)

All of us seersucker-sporting folk refuse to let the haters cramp our crinkled-cotton style.

I’m Simone. And this is what simone sez…

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