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SIMONE SEZ: 2012 Election — Let your Stomach Decide

Ahh, election day! There’s a familiar buzz around Washington, DC, and it’s gotten everyone in that election-day hype. Lucky for us, the entertainment value should be there as well. Looks like it could all come down to the wire, so I don’t believe anyone will be headed to bed early tonight. (Check out Huffington Post’s electoral map).

Latte art by Tokyo Otaku Mode

Campaigners and citizens across the nation are encouraging people to hit the polls today, and DC’s restaurants and businesses are doing no different. Perhaps the best plea I’ve received was in my morning latte where Obama’s charismatic face stared back at me through the foam. (His expression seems to say “Go Vote,” doesn’t it?)  Okay, so maybe that wasn’t in my coffee, but it was some pretty incredible latte art I found by Tokyo Otaku Mode.

By proudly sporting your “I Voted” sticker today, you can get quite a bit of free food, and at the very least some great drink specials. Check out blogs by In The Capital and Johnna Knows Good Food for a complete run-down, which includes FREE hamburgers from Z Burger and FREE ice cream cones from Ben & Jerry’s! Borderstan breaks down your drink specials for the evening, which includes a host of red and blue concoctions and some great live music. (Technically, these businesses have to offer their specials to everyone by law, although I’d imagine non-voters would get the service without the smile.)

For those of you who have already voted, there’s no reason you can’t vote again… City Eats calls it “voting with you stomach,” and they let you know where you can cast a vote with your food order. It just depends on what you’re in the mood for:

At Bayou Bakery you can vote by hot dog, as the Chicago-style Potus Dog faces off with the Mitt-chigan Dog (all-beef with dill pickle spears, sport peppers and sweet pickle relish vs. a tomato-based Michigan chili sauce). Or if you’d rather vote by milkshake, Burger, Tap & Shake has put a Hawaiian Pineapple and Michigan Cherry Shake on the ballot. Now all they need is for you to grab a straw and vote.

When it comes to truly predicting the outcome of this election, I can’t say. Although I did enjoy an article by Brightest Young Things that offered up a few unscientific predictors: If you’re an astrologist reading the stars, then the answer is Obama. If you’re basing your prediction on the height of the candidates (the taller candidate has won 80% of the time), then Romney is likely to be victorious. Yet if you’re forecasting based on the sale of Romney and Obama Halloween masks this past week, the pendulum again swings back to Obama…

No matter who you support, or what outcome you’re predicting—it’s important to go vote! And don’t be afraid to ask for a latte that leans left or right.

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