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Roots of New Orleans

The Roots of Music performs at Bayou Bakery

Talk about amazing…

I can’t help but to follow up with a quick recap of last weekend’s Roots of Music event.

Music, and especially jazz, is at the core of our being in New Orleans, and on Saturday night, Bayou Bakery was bursting at the seams with heart and soul.

The Roots of Music supports the talents of young musicians, and we were lucky enough to have them jam for us, with the likes of some of New Orleans best jazz artists. For many of the kids, it was their first chance to see the nation’s capital, as well as their first ride on an airplane. The weekend in Washington, DC, was a great warm-up for their upcoming performance in the Rose Bowl Parade. And we were most happy to be their guinea-pig audience!

The night was fantastic — it felt as if we were all among family, not to mention eating like Cajun royalty! It was inspiring to hear young artists play their music with such conviction, and we all couldn’t help but get up and dance.

I touched base with the Roots of Music program director, Allison Reinhardt, this week once they were safely back in New Orleans:

“The kids have been all smiles. These students have worked so hard with us over the years, both academically and musically, and they still can’t believe that they got a trip to DC because of it. It proved to our kids that hard work and dedication does indeed have rewards. We learned so much.”

We certainly made some great friends from the evening, and they said next time, it’s our turn to pay them a visit. (Mardi Gras starts in February, who’s with me!?)

It actually doesn’t matter, I’m goin’ anyway… Who dat!

The Roots of Music performs at Bayou Bakery

The young, talented musicians of Roots of Music

Roots of Music

Roots of Music

Just dancin’ the night away…

David Guas, the chef! (and my wonderful husband)

David Guas, Wil Smith, Allison Reinhardt, Jeffrey Hills, Derrick Tabb & Jane Kelly

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