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New Orleans Jazz in DC’s Backyard

New Orleans has clearly been on my mind lately, but I’m shifting my focus to a more positive note. A musical note.

There’s something about the vibrancy of the New Orleans streets — pulsing rhythms pour out of open windows & doors, as people tap along to the best jazz on earth. When I get the yearning to be back in NOLA, I usually have to hop on a plane… but not this week.
This week, New Orleans is comin’ to me!

Members from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band will be jamming along with other Grammy-winning artists at Bayou Bakery this Saturday

On Saturday, Bayou Bakery will be rocking with some of New Orleans greatest, Grammy-winning jazz artists. It’s going to be an evening of truly authentic New Orleans-style food, drink and music, and I absolutely cannot wait. Arlington residents might even think they’ve stumbled into the French Quarter.

If you’re familiar with jazz, then you’ll be impressed to hear that musicians from the Rebirth Brass Band, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and even Trombone Shorty will be performing live in living color! If you’re not familiar with jazz, then I guess you’ll have to take my word that the evening’s compilation will be quite a treat. And if you’ve never even been to New Orleans, then I’d say it’s all the more reason to come out and enjoy. (Come find me on Saturday night, and we’ll see if we can’t book you a trip to Mardi Gras. Or at least get you some beads.)

If I haven’t convinced you to come out for the music, then I’m about to sway you with the food — Cajun Creamy Crawfish Pasta, Jambalaya, Andouille Gumbo… (Did it work?) Chef David Guas will be serving a number of New Orleans-style dishes. Abita Beer will be on draft, and of course Bayou Bakery will be serving up the best of their New Orleans-style sweets. The event goes from 6 to 9 p.m. Here’s the link for info on tickets.

All proceeds from the evening will be benefiting the Roots of Music, which is an amazing New Orleans-based program furthering the talents of young musicians. Some of the children from the program will be journeying up to Arlington to take part in the music event. I talked to program director Allison Reinhardt this weekend, and she said they couldn’t be more excited. “Our talented kids will surely move the audience with their music and enthusiasm,” she told me.
Y’all hurry up, I can’t wait!

Whether you’re coming for the band, the booze or the beneficence — makes no matter. We’d love to see you out here jammin’ to the likes of New Orleans best jazz. I’ll be the crazy lady with the toes that can’t stop tapping.

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