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Reveling Atlantic City

Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City

Last weekend, I took a fabulous trip to Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City. With all these blog posts about weekend getaways, I might seem like the ultimate jet-setter… but I’m afraid I have to come clean.

The truth is, my two boys have been spending the month of August with their grandparents. So I’ve spent the month of August remembering what it’s like to be young, wild and free — and I’m taking full advantage!

I skipped town again with my favorite partners in crime: David Hagedorn (Haggie), his partner Michael and the famed Polly Wiedmaier (wife of Sir Robert Wiedmaier, if I have any loyal readers out there). We had been anxiously anticipating this trip for weeks.

Our mode of transportation was a little five-seater jet, about which I couldn’t have been more thrilled. If there’s two things I hate, it’s long car rides and airport security. However, my three other companions didn’t seem to share my sentiments.

Lucky for them, I was prepared. And by prepared, I mean I brought the liquor.

Everyone on the plane was soon drinking pre-made mojitos out of their own personalized cup. Dynamite David, Magic Mike, Partying Polly & Sassy Simone.  I also brought some of my husband’s famous pimento cheese, which made for the best airplane refreshments I’ve ever had!

Needless to say we landed in one piece, and Revel gave us a spectacular welcome. The place is huge — people everywhere! (And with a quick glance at what the crowd was wearing, I could  tell I had made it to Jersey.)

The rooms were perfect. I marveled the breath-taking view of the ocean out my window. Then I threw on my suit and my blinders and hit the beach. The group grabbed a quick bite for lunch at Michel Richard’s O Bistro & Wine Bar, which was quite satisfying. Cocktail hour came quickly, and we decided it was about time to break in the casino.  I’m not exactly the gambling type, but I felt that I had to at least try my hand at it. (When in Revel…) I’ve certainly been to my fair share of “casino night” parties, so I figured I’d be a pro.

Well, about ten minutes into black jack, I was down $50. So I did the responsible thing and walked away (which isn’t really that hard to do with all those great restaurants right there).

We ate at Chef Robert Wiedmaier’s restaurant, Mussel Bar, where we dined like gluttonous kings! All bias aside, I had one dish in particular that was out of this world: fresh heirloom and fried green tomatoes (with ricotta cheese) — like they were pulled off the vine and sliced just for me.

Live music got our evening really going. Revel had such a buzz about it, you couldn’t help but be in the party mood. Our fun lasted til the wee hours of the morning. Of course there were a few more drinks and a little dancing involved, but you know what they say: what happens in Atlantic City, stays in Atlantic City. (I’ve seen those Vegas commercials — I know what happens to people who blab!) Besides, I’m sure you can piece together the rest.

The remainder of the weekend was spent enjoying the pool. I knocked out a stack of magazines that I’d been hoarding since the 90’s. Ahh, to finally have some free time!

After another fabulous weekend, I returned to DC again feeling so refreshed. It’s amazing what vacation does to the mind. And amazing what being kid-free does to your vacations…

I will say, however, that after three weeks away from my boys, I’m ready to have them back. From the life of young, wild & free, back to the one they call motherhood I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(And neither would my liver, I’m sure.)

I’m Simone. And this is what simone sez…

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