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OktoberBreast: Booze for Boobs

Gastro-giving and sipping at the award-winning gastropub, Cured, in San Antonio If you can’t get to Munich for the famous Oktoberfest, head to cancer survivor and celebrated chef Steve McHugh’s progressive … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: Detox & Retox

A Cocktail with a Leafy Twist The cold-pressed juice craze has now officially “spilled over” into the realms of fanciful cocktails thanks to the innovative libation at Chef Robert Wiedmaier’s … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: Military Spouses Support Hillary Clinton

Please contact if interested in interviewing the strong women included in the video To View the Video Click the Image Below [Washington DC] – A diverse group of military spouses joins … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: Steve McHugh Earns Much Deserved Honors

  Witnessing hard work pay off can be just as rewarding as personally being on the receiving end of the reward. That’s why I did not want to waste another … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: King’s Day Facts to Feast On

King’s Day Facts to Feast On From Virginia to Louisiana, how January 6 lends itself to celebration and history  Unbeknownst to many, today – January 6 is one of the most historically-rich days in the calendar year, marking the Epiphany, King’s Day, notable marriages, the official beginning … Continue reading

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Wingmen: The Nelson Brothers’ Great American Family History Gets Deeper

[Lt. Gen. Frank Maxwell Andrews on the cover of Time Magazine in 1941; Andy Nelson at Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery in 2015]   Thanksgiving is a time we often find ourselves … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: Voices of the South – New Orleans to the Deep Delta

For as long as I can remember, I can hear the soulful voice of Mr. Okra as he drives around his weather-beaten truck humbly gracing the streets of uptown New … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: How the West was Won on My Family Vacation

In a city famous for its towering landmark, the Space Needle, Seattle was a wonderful discovery of western traditions, food, and hospitality for our family. It was pleasing to have … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: A Place a Boy Could Not Forget – Cuba

As I sit here at my neighborhood pool, listening to my sons playing in the water, my eyelids grow a bit heavy with the repetitive sounds of their voices mixed … Continue reading

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Fork It Up – Summer 2015 – is HERE!

Hot off the press, our new Summer 2015 edition of Fork It Up is here for the hottest days of the year with the latest on happenings at each Passion Food Hospitality restaurant. From the group’s maiden … Continue reading

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White After Memorial Day

Sips in whiter shades of pale are in vogue for summer starting Memorial Day Weekend While some cannot consider donning white before Memorial Day without hearing their mother’s fashion rules, … Continue reading

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Fork It Up – Spring 2015 – is HERE!

After a long winter, the sun is finally shining, the ground is beginning to thaw, the flowers will soon be blossoming and we have the spring 2015 edition of Fork It … Continue reading

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Snapshots from the Streets of New Orleans | March 2015

From the Turtle Parade at Brennan’s to the St. Patty’s Day Parade on Saint Charles Avenue with cousins. Super Sunday Tribe Watching with the Mardi Gras Indians in the Tremé Neighborhood, … Continue reading

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Food For Thought: Fer-meant To Be!

Harnessing the Ancient Art of Fermentation in the Modern Era Chef Steve McHugh – Cured in San Antonio, Texas What do beer, cheese, bread and pickles have in common? The answer … Continue reading

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The Big Daddy: An oyster honor for Chef Jeff Tunks

If you order as many oysters as Chef Jeff Tunks does, your suppliers are bound to take notice. And if you’re as strong an advocate for the seafood industry as … Continue reading

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A new series by Simoneink: Food for Thought

Culinary savants amuse the mind, whet the appetite and stimulate the senses Whether you’re a gourmand who prefers to get inspiration via culinary magazines or a foodie of the digital … Continue reading

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The Restaurant with a Texas-Sized Heart of Gold

Chef Steve McHugh’s Cured wins Texas Restaurant Neighbor Award With awards season in full swing, the first and credible to look for are the ones from the National Restaurant Association. … Continue reading

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Marcel’s Year of Style and Taste

2015 Marks a New era with a 3.5-Star Rave from Washington Post’s Revered Food Critic of Robert Wiedmaier’s Flagship “Dinner at Marcel’s suggests luxury dining isn’t going to fade to black … Continue reading

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Restaurant Hospitality Shares Simoneink’s 2015 Predictions

IN THE NEWS! Simoneink is honored to share that Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, the most trusted source of news for the foodservice industry, tapped into our expertise by sharing our annual culinary food predictions … Continue reading

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It’s Carnival Time!

DC-area restaurants kick off a season of revelry with festive fare & spirits Mardi Gras season is in full swing and once again, Louisiana-inspired restaurants Acadiana and Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery will … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day – Purity of Love in White Desserts

The sweetest part of Valentine’s Day is the luscious ending that comes at the close of a cozy dinner or creative gift – a blissfully-delicious dessert. And on this hallmark … Continue reading

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Fuego Cocina y Tequileria is on Fire!

Chef Jeff Tunks’ Authentic Mexican Restaurant Keeps it Current with Tacos Sizzling on the Culinary Radar In Arlington, Virginia, Fuego Cocina y Tequileria, literally meaning “fire kitchen and tequila bar,” has been … Continue reading

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Foodie Forecasting for the New Year

Foodie Forecasting for the New Year Simoneink chefs and beverage experts weigh in on the next big culinary trends for 2015 Is goat the new pork? Simoneink asked its culinary … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: The Squeeze! Love You Mean It

Tempted by the fruit of no other… but Lumi! It’s a refreshing month at simoneink as we have teamed up with Lumi Juice down in Charlottesville, VA, to proudly represent … Continue reading

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Chef to Chef

One of the great successes of the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is the way it brings chefs together who aren’t conventionally ‘Southern.’ Chefs from all over the region, from … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: Guest Blogger Chef David Guas on Southern Camaraderie at Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

“‘Brutha Act’  My confidant and closest friend is in Atlanta – if you have any interest in food in that town, you’ve heard of Linton Hopkins. We’ve both gotten so … Continue reading

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Spring ‘Fork It Up’ is out!

We know you’ve been waiting all winter for this. As the weather warms, the spring edition of Fork It Up is officially out with everything you need to know about … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: Mardi Gras, milestones & memories!

Shrove Tuesday is just next week, but the celebration leading up to it truly began on January 6. When the Christmas tree comes down, a new set of traditions gets … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras hits the Today Show — Don’t miss two chef segments!

Mark you calendars. Mardi Gras is coming to the Today Show in a big way. Within a few weeks time, two of our Naw’leans-bred chefs are going to be sharing … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day desserts around DC

Aside from the “true love” and “kisses,” the sweetest part of Valentine’s Day is definitely the blissfully delicious desserts. That’s why we decided to do a little V-day roundup of … Continue reading

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Medal-worthy cocktails: Let the games begin!

So the Winter Olympics are about to kick off in Sochi, and it appears as if you’re not going to make it in time for opening ceremonies (bummer!). We’d all … Continue reading

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Literary libations at Quill

In case the memo got lost in the hustle-and-bustle of the new year, we’re here to remind you of the literary brilliance that kicked off this month at Quill—a bar … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: New Years reflections, Simple gratitude

Something I saw on CBS Sunday Morning last weekend made me stop and think about parenthood — and gratitude.  It was a commentary about how we don’t thank our parents, … Continue reading

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Mahogany Bar, one of ‘America’s Best Beer Bars’

Congrats to our friends at Mahogany Bar! What Hattiesburg, Mississippi has long known is now national news. Draft Magazine has given credit where credit is due, recognizing  Robert St. John’s … Continue reading

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Happy King’s Day (the real New Year party)

Well Happy New Year everybody! Last week millions of people counted down the final hours, minutes and seconds of 2013 to ring in the much-anticipated 2014. A new year marks … Continue reading

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David Guas named Arlington Magazine’s ‘Best Chef’

We’re pretty proud of this guy! Congrats to Bayou Bakery’s Chef David Guas on being named Arlington Magazine’s Best Chef!

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Shop Small Business Saturday

I hope your stuffing was tasty and your turkey was plump. May your potatoes and gravy have never a lump! I hope your yams were delicious and your pies took … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming: Got fish?

In many parts of Italy, and among Italian-Americans, there is something very fishy about Christmas Eve dinner:  the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes is a veritable seafood parade of … Continue reading

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“Fork It Up” for the holidays!

The days are gettin’ a little happy and bright here at Simoneink. We’re pleased to announce the new issue of Fork It Up, and just in time for the holiday … Continue reading

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A rare gathering reveals the expressive culture of my New Orleans

Internationally renowned artists, the likes of SAMO legend Al Diaz and Time magazine cover calligram designer Dylan Roscover, will descend on New Orleans November 8 and 9 to honor the … Continue reading

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Breast cancer awareness shouldn’t end with October

Happy Halloween folks! The Simoneink gang has fully embraced the Halloween spirit! Thought you all might want to see a picture of our shoes from last night’s Chefs for Equality … Continue reading

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Chefs for Equality bakes cakes to raise awareness

After last year’s triumphant win to pass same-sex marriage in the state of Maryland, those who rallied together for change are reuniting to celebrate and generate awareness for the remaining … Continue reading

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Acadiana gets a makeover

There’s something different at Acadiana these days, and we’re pretty sure you could put your finger on it. The classic Louisiana restaurant just underwent a significant makeover, retaining its Louisiana … Continue reading

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In case you missed them…

A few of our superstar clients are worthy of a shout-out this week. In case you missed the latest food & travel countdowns by Fodor’s, USA Today and Esquire, we … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: Simoneink does Cleveland

One month married, Meg is back from her dreamy, Italian honeymoon and back in the swing of things here at Simoneink. Now that we’ve fully digested the experience, we thought … Continue reading

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Happy National Bourbon Month!

In 2007, the United States Senate declared September as National Bourbon Heritage Month. And in 2013… we happily enjoy the pronouncement. Given our southern heritage, we thought we’d celebrate with … Continue reading

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Plume at the Jefferson Hotel awarded Forbes’ coveted 5-star restaurant rating

Five stars has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? To understand the magnitude of the honor of receiving a five-star rating from Forbes Travel Guide, it helps to take … Continue reading

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Chef Chris Hutchenson’s strawberry shortcake on HGTV Gardens

We’ve never thought too much about rainwater before, but apparently pastry chef Chris Hutchenson does! Check out his Strawberry Shortcake recipe on HGTV Gardens. Chef Chris sheds light into how … Continue reading

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SIMONE SEZ: 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

It takes courage to stand strong for who you are, for your passions, and for your determination to be an individual.  Let me tell you a story about standing strong. … Continue reading

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Passport Tasting Series kicks off at Ceiba

Grab your passport (and a fork!) Ceiba launches a year of Latin American dining, one country at a time No astronomical airfares; no customs lines; and no vaccines or visas … Continue reading

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